Women’s Sexual Dysfunction
Low sex drive can be caused by a range of factors, which vary from one individual to the next. Fatigue, the daily responsibilities and multiple roles women often assume, and many possible psychological causes can impact a woman’s sexual appetite. To understand how Oriental Medicine can improve a lagging libido, you have to know the underlying factor that is causing the problem. Causes of waning sexual interest include emotional issues, post-childbirth, breastfeeding, onset of menopause, drug reactions, stress, weight gain, relationship conflicts, hormonal imbalances and physical responses, such as pain or inability to reach orgasm. It is also known that certain health conditions and medications can affect a woman’s sexual desire. Depression and anxiety disorders can interfere with sexual desire, but so can some of the drugs used to treat these conditions.

Oriental Medicine for Sexual Dysfunction
Oriental Medicine can help treat various sexual disorders. At the center of treating all male disorders are the Kidneys. Although other organ systems tend to be involved such as the Liver, Spleen, Bladder, and Heart the kidneys are usually at the core of the problem. One of the kidneys major functions according to Oriental Medicine is storing Jing (精:Essence). Jing is one of three treasures, Qi(氣:Energy) and Shen (神:spirit) being the other two. “The life-giving processes of nature are manifest in the concept of Jing. It can be understood as the sap of life, the irreducible essence that contains all the critical ingredients needed to make new life that shares characteristics with its source.”

Oriental Medicine is not only for a lagging libido, it can be used for numerous sexual health conditions for both men and women. Here is a brief list of Sexual Health problems that Oriental Medicine can help:

  • Diminished Libido
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Infertility
  • Menopause

Oriental Medicine usually attribute sexual dysfunction to one of two problems, a deficiency of Kidney Yang energy and Blood Stasis in the lower abdomen. Often, men and women who have a deficiency of Kidney Yang energy experience symptoms such as frequent clear urination, cold limbs, fatigue, and lower back pain. In more serious cases, the fire of the Mingmen (Life Gate) is also weak causing even more pronounced cold signs. The term Mingmen also refers to the area between two kidneys and, in women, is connected with the uterus. In Kidney Deficiency cases, warming the Mingmen and Kidney Yang are necessary to balance the body.

In cases of Blood Stasis, the flow of energy (called Qi) and Blood is obstructed in the lower abdomen preventing the needed blood flow to genital region. This condition often presents with signs of a tight and tender to palpation lower abdominal area. Treatment will focus on breaking the stagnation in the lower abdomen, returning the proper flow of Blood though the affected area.

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