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At Lifegate Acupuncture, our mission is to create a healing environment where patients feel comfortable, relaxed and serene. This environment will promote the patient’s well-being and participation in their own healing process. Our goal is for our patients to receive the most compassionate and excellence of care available to improve their overall health, vitality and quality of life. We will provide custom individualized treatments with full attention and accommodation to each patient. The treatments will include a wide range of modalities within holistic medicine to heal the root cause of disease, relieve symptoms and restore balance.

What is the meaning of Life Gate?
Life Gate (or Ming Men), in Chinese Medicine, is the source of our Original Qi or life energy and where Essence is stored. It provides the energy needed for all the body’s functional activities. It is the foundation of vitality and stamina and circulates throughout the entire body. Since it is the basis of Kidney Qi and associated with Kidney Essence it is closely related to all the Kidney’s functional activities which include physical constitution, reproduction, physical and sexual development, conception, pregnancy, menopause and aging. The ancient Chinese Taoists dedicated their lives to the cultivation and preservation of this Treasure.

“The Life Gate is the organ of Water and Fire, it is the residence of Yin and Yang, the Sea of Essence and it determines life and death.”

— Zhang Jiebin (1563 – 1640)

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